Army Agniveer Syllabus 2023

Army Agniveer Syllabus 2023;

As you know that now the recruitment of youth will be done through Agniveer, the duration of which will be four years, in such a situation, its admit card for this recruitment examination has been issued for all those who are going to appear in this examination. They can download its admit card released on the official website, its examination is scheduled to be held on 17th April 2023.

This scheme was implemented on 14 June 2022, after the implementation of this scheme, there were huge protests at many places, if you have also applied or are thinking of applying under this scheme, then you can also apply for Indian Army Agniveer. It is necessary to have complete knowledge about Syllabus 2023 In Hindi and Indian Army Agniveer Exam Pattern, so that you do not face any problem in Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus In Hindi.

Agnipath Agniveer Recruitment 2023 – Brief Details

Recruitment Name Agneepath Agniveer Recruitment
Recruitment Board Indian Army
Post Name Agniveer (Army, Air Force and Navy)
Application Process Online
Selection Process Race, Medical Test, Written Examination
Name of article Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus
Official website

Indian Army Agniveer Selection Process

If you want to become a soldier under Agneepath Scheme then you will have to go through three stages –

Testing and Physical Efficiency
medical tests
Written exam
If you pass these stages then you will be selected.

Indian Army Agniveer PET & PST

For this PET & PST are as follows –

For Group-I

Run: 1.6 km in 05 minutes 30 seconds.
Pull-up: 10 times
For Group-II

Run: 1.6 km in 05 minutes 45 seconds.
Pull-ups: 6-9 times

Indian Army Agniveer Exam Pattern

Its exam pattern is as follows –

This examination will be conducted through offline medium.
In this examination, questions will be asked from a total of three subjects.
You will be awarded 2 marks for each correct answer
In this examination, a total of 50 questions will be asked from all the three subjects.
This exam will be of 100 marks.
In this, a provision of negative marking of 0.50 has been made.
Let us try to understand through the table –

Serial No. Subject Total Questions Total Marks
1 General Knowledge 15 30
2 General Science 20 40
3 math 15 30
total 50 100


Serial No Subject Total Questions Total Marks
1 General Knowledge 10 20
2 math 15 30
3 Physics 15 30
4 chemistry 10 20
total 50 100


Serial No Subject Total Questions Total Marks
1 General Knowledge 5 20
2 General science 5 20
3 Math 10 40
4 Computer science 05 20
5 English 25 100
total 50 200

Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus In 

If you want to get good marks in the written examination of this recruitment, then you will have to have a good grip on the Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus in Hindi, so that no question is left out and you can perform well in the examination.

General Knowledge – Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus 2023

Important Dates and Battles in Indian and World.
Indian modern history
National and International Awards, Nobel Prize
Information about Indian Armed Forces.
Indian cities, states and union territories.
Institutes and research stations, International Space Station and festivals
India and the world.
Indian news agencies and dailies.
Continents and subcontinents.
inventions and discoveries.
The constitution of India.
Religious communities and major languages.
National and International days.
International organization.
Books and Authors.
World of plants and animals.
current affairs
solar system space
Earth’s major peaks
desert and rivers
Lakes and famous waterfalls
geographical highest, largest and longest
Geographical terms, economic terms, astronomical terms, legal terms and miscellaneous terms etc.

General Science – Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus 2023

Food and nutrition, diseases and prevention, vitamins and their uses.
General Science question which includes topics related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Based on basics and day to day activities.
medical terms.
Scientific terms.
Scientific and research institutions in India.

Arithmetic – Indian Army Agniveer GD Syllabus

HCF and LCM of numbers,
decimal fraction
square root
ratio and proportion
Profit and Loss
unitary method
time work and distance
simple interest


Quadratic equations etc.


lines and angles

mensuration or mensuration

Area and perimeter of squares
rectangle, parallelogram
surface area of cube
Cuboids, cones, cylinders and spheres.
Altitude and distance.

Physics (Technical only) – Indian Army Agniveer Technical Syllabus

structure of matter
gravitational force
wave speed
solar energy
Nuclear Energy

Chemistry (Technical Only) -Indian Army Agniveer Syllabus

Nature and behavior of matter
elements and compounds
structure of matter
atomic theory,
molecules and atoms
structure of atom
Electron, Proton and Neutron,
structure of the nucleus,
Atomic number and mass number,
Acids, bases and salts.
electrochemical cell
classification of elements
carbon and its compounds
Hydrocarbons and their primary structure,
Petroleum products
synthetic fiber
Extraction of metals Metals and non-metals;
General metallurgical operations for extraction of pure metal, properties of metals and some alloys,
Uses of metals and non-metals and their compounds.
Chemical Bonding Formation of Ionic and Covalent Bonds
Important properties of electrovalent and covalent compounds.
movement of ions;
natural resources
Water as a natural resource
water as solvent,
saturated and unsaturated solutions
fossil fuel
corrosion of metals
Toxic effects of asbestos etc. Carbon monoxide and its side effects
Air pollution, noise pollution and its effects on humans.

Computer (Clerk and SKT only) – Indian Army Agniveer Clerk/SKT Syllabus

computer system
types of memory
input and output devices
Introduction to Windows
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Internet etc.

English (Clerk and SKT only) – Indian Army Agniveer Clerk / SKT Syllabus

Parts of Speech
Noun and Pronoun.
Preposition. Conjunction and modals.
Sentence Structure
Affirmative/interrogative sentences.
Direct and Indirect speech.
Active and Passive Voice
Synonyms and antonyms.
One word replacement
Idioms and Phrases. etc.


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