full form of VDO,salary,qualification,Selection Process/2024

[ez-toc]full form of VDO/salary/qualification/Selection Process/2024-Friends, if you have a stock of degrees in your house and you are looking for a government job, then with the help of this post you can get it without any worries.

full form of VDO/salary/qualification/Selection Process/2024

After all, what is VDO? What are the functions of VDO? If you want to become a VDO Officer, then what should be the qualification for VDO, you should know all the information like VDO Full form in Hindi, Salary, Qualification, age limit.

Before starting the post, I just request you that if you want to know the full form of VDO and want to become a village development officer and have decided that I have become a VDO officer, then I will definitely help you, but if you If it has come just like this, then this post can be left as is.

Friends, if you live in village Dheyat, then you must have heard a word VDO a lot. Now it must be coming in your mind that what is VDO, what is VDO Full Form.

If you do not know VDO Full Form, then I will tell you VDO Full Form. VDO is Village Development Officer. VDO is called Gram Vikas Adhikari in Hindi.

The work of Village Development Officer is to get development done in rural areas. What development is to be done in rural areas, who has what problems.

all this information is given to the government through VDO, like whether anyone in the village needs a house or needs a toilet. Or whether one has to read CC Road or Kharanja in the village, all this information is sent to the government through VDO.

VDO is a non-gazetted government employee of the government. VDO is called the secretary of the Pradhan. VDO and Pradhan together get the work done in the Gram Panchayat.

I hope friends, now you must have known the full form of VDO and what is the work of VDO. You will get all this information through this article and you will also know the VDO Full Form.


VDO: In Hindi it is called Gram Vikas Adhikari and in English it is called Village Development Officer. In some states and districts it is also called Gram Panchayat Adhikari.

The work of Gram Vikas Adhikari and Gram Panchayat Adhikari is the same. Friends, now I hope. That you may not have any kind of question related to VDO Full Form.

VDO – How to become a Village Development Officer

Just as BDO officer has been made for the development of the city, in the same way VDO has been made for the development of the village. If you belong to the village then you will agree with this fact.

VDO Full form in English – Village development officer and the full form meaning of VDO in Hindi is Village Development Officer.

There are many such facilities in the village which have not yet reached the village and many people in the village have to face these problems, like unpaved roads, no school and college, no electricity, etc., all these problems.

To bring solution, the post of Gram vikass Adhikari was created by the government.

So that the schemes launched by the government should be extended to the villages so that the village can develop as quickly as possible. Perhaps you have come to know who is called Village Development Officer?
Village development officer (graam vikaas adhikare full form of VDO) is a very important post for the development of the village, whatever kind of work is done in the village, all the work remains under the supervision of VDO.

VDO Qualification 

Qualification and Degree required: For studying VDO, you should have Diploma in Computer, and also you should have passed 12th class with 60% from any board.

To become a VDO officer i.e. Village Development Officer, you must have passed intermediate examination with any subject and also it is necessary to have CCC certificate.

Friends, every state has its own recruitment process. If you want graduation in any state then ask for intermediate in some

VDO Selection Process

The government keeps releasing vacancies for the post of VDO from time to time, through which you can fill the online form and appear for the VDO recruitment examination conducted by the government.

When you pass the VDO exam conducted by the government, then your interview is taken and if you clear the interview also, then a merit is prepared through which you get the post of VDO.

If your merit is high then you get the post of VDO i.e. after that you can work as a Village Development Officer.

To make VDO officers, the state government releases different numbers of recruitment in their respective states, in which the selection process of each state is different.

Written exam
physical examination

Friends, let me tell you that this is not the same selection process in every state, every state has its own selection process.

like in Uttar Pradesh, the recruitment of 2018 was done according to the direct written examination in which the interview is eliminated directly. The selection process has been adopted as per written examination

Age limit

To become a VDO i.e. Village Development Officer, your age limit should be between 18 to 40 years. Age relaxation is also available according to different categories. For this, you can read the notification before filling the form.

work  of VDO (Village Development Officer)

There are many different tasks under Village Development Officer or Village Development Authority which the person working on this post has to complete.

If you are also dreaming of becoming a Village Development Officer, then you must know about these tasks which are mentioned below.

1-Getting development work done in the village.
2-To extend the benefits of government schemes to the people.
3-Allocating places for manure storage.
4-To arrange cleanliness of the village.
5-To arrange education for children.
6-Making arrangements for electricity, water and construction of roads in the village.
7-To ensure proper conduct of annual functions in villages.

Thus, apart from this, many other works also come under the jurisdiction of Village Development Officer, which can be completed by a person working on the post of VDO.

How to prepare for VDO 

It does not matter if you live in any area of India, it only matters on the hard work you have done that how capable you are to make a gram vikaas adhikare, how to become a VDO, that is a gram vikaas adhikare. Only the officer knows how much effort he has put in.

Making a VDO is definitely difficult but not impossible, we will know this question of how to become a village development officer in Hindi (VDO kaise bane).

To become a graam vikaas adhikare, one should know the selection process of VDO very well, how many marks are required for VDO and how many questions and papers are there.

To become a Village Development Officer (VDO full form), you and everyone else have to go through three steps, in the first step you have to go through a written examination, in the second step you have to go through an interview and in the last step you have to go through a physical fitness test.

After passing the first exam, you can move towards the second step, but if you have not passed the first exam then you cannot move towards the second step. In the first written exam, you will have to pass a paper of 80 marks which will have questions like these, subject And the points are –

Written exam –

In the written exam (general awareness), 30 questions related to general awareness, reasoning 20 questions and Hindi writing exam 30 questions are asked and you have one hour 30 minutes to do all these.

Interview –

Students who pass the written examination are called for interview where they are asked different types of questions. The questions can be related to any particular subject. Interview carries 20 marks. The student who passes the interview gets 20 marks. are given.

Physical Fitness Test –

If you have passed the written examination and interview then get ready to move towards the last step because here the physical test of the candidates is taken to see whether the candidate is eligible to give the physical test or not.

Physical test consists of long jump, one mile run, 4 mile cycle race and two mile walk.

After climbing all three steps, now comes the turn of VDO training. Here one is called for training for 6 months. After the training, one to 4 villages are made Village Development Officer (VDO).

salary of VDO

The salary for the post of Video i.e. Village Development Officer varies according to the states, if we talk about Uttar Pradesh, the pay grade of Video (vdo full form salary) in Uttar Pradesh ranges from ₹ 2,000 per month.

Who is given basic salary ranging from ₹ 5200/- per month to ₹ 20200/- every month. However, this is the basic pay, apart from this, dearness allowance and other allowances decided by the government are also payable as per rules

 Exam Pattern of VDO

Following are the important points related to the new examination pattern of Gram Panchayat Officer –

1-This examination will be completely offline.
2-This question paper will be in both Hindi and English languages.
3-All the questions asked in this examination will be of multiple choice type.
4-A total of 150 questions will be asked in this examination, in which each question will be of 2 5-marks. That means this exam will be of total 300 marks.
6-There is a provision of negative marking of 1/2 in the examination.
7-It will take a total of 2 hours.

You can understand this more easily through the table below –

Serial No Section No Questions Total Total Marks
1. Hindi Knowledge and Writing 50 100
2. General Intelligence Test 50 100
3. General Knowledge 50 100
total 150 300

12th pass job



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